So much to tell...

3:08 PM

... from the last few days!!!

We for starters we had a very busy lead up to Christmas with all of my cooking and packaging for pressies. I received the most beautiful Christmas flowers from friends and started the family dinners.
Christmas morning lead to the best surprise of all. After all of the presents were said and done, I was handed one last one and asked for a one word answer..... The present was opened, I said Yes and the ring is just perfect (as is my gorgeous man). There were many tears to go with it too. It was the best day as we were catching up with so many family members, we were able to share the news.

We have been spending time together relaxing since then!!!

I have had a chance to scrap a couple of pages now that it is all over (and took so many photos so there are so many more pages to complete), but this is by far my favourite page of the year, one of my favourite photos of the year and one of my favourite paper lines of the year!!! Win win really :-) Especially knowing that it was Decembers We're Savvy Kit.

The photo for Love Forever was taken on our 3 year anniversary on the Wharf at Huskison as we were waiting for the Dolphin Watch Cruise to let us board. It was such a beautiful day...

Much more scrapping still to do, but I will tally up all of the pages and cards that I have completed this year as it will set a number to achieve in 2011.

TFL xxx

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  1. So so so happy for you!! Can't wait to see the ring! You should come and crop with us at San's crop on the 7th Jan, haven't seen you forever! Bloody xmas!!

  2. Congrats Tess! What a lovely chrissy pressie :) Hope to see you soon and scrap! I knew u guys were meant for each other!! Talk soon :)



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