WANTED: Lifes Pause Button

8:52 PM

Have you ever had a time in your life where you are desperately looking for that pause button?? That is me at the moment. It seems like there is something on all of the time.... And time to scrap at the moment is few and far between!!!

Last Wednesday I had the privilege to take some photos for a very good friend on mine, who's baby is growing up way to fast. Her daughter graduated from Year 6 and that pause button would be so handy so that she stops growing up so fast!!!! We had a bit of fun with the photos...

Another one of my beautiful friends went into labour on Friday, and gave birth to an adorable little boy, Carter Ron Wallace Lee. We were lucky enough to visit them in hospital yesterday as Carter turned 24 hours old. I did make a card to go with the little gift (which is still playing with paper and glue I guess)!!!

As my gorgeous man and I have been lucky enough to be together now for 3 years, I booked a Dolphin Watch cruise on Jervis Bay for yesterday. Thank goodness for the perfect weather, as I booked the cruise about 8 weeks ago!!! Being out there and so close to the dolphins in the wild, again I would have loved to reach for the pause button. It was just incredible how close they get to them. The boat just stops and the dolphins swim on over. They are show-offs to say the least!!! An amazing experience with the love of my life!!!

Last night we had a beautiful dinner at Harbourfront in Wollongong. I don't think either of us have ever eaten so much food in our lives..... As always desert was to die for!!!! The only down fall for us was there were heaps on big groups in for Christmas parties and we had asked for a window seat, but ended up far from it.... Oh well.

I thought the best way to top of this week and best preparation for Christmas was one and a half hour massages at Spa Semiyahn in Shellharbour Village.... That was an amazing experience which both of us really needed!!!

So the best I have come to touching scrapping was this afternoon as I started to piece together the dreaded double from our Thai Boxing experience while overseas earlier this year... It is half done so still nothing to show.

So, if you are the lucky person who discovers life's pause button, please be sure to drop me a line and share!!!!

TFL xxx

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  1. Hey Tess, Carter is beautiful huh?
    Secret to pause button - don't have kids!!!!!
    It just makes it go all that much quicker!
    Catch up soon - we're off to QLD on 20th so probably after that, but Happy Christmas to you both.

  2. ohh love the photos Tess! gorgeous card too.


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