To-Do List Update - Summer 2016

7:30 AM

Accountability is key when it comes to goal setting and achieving. My never ending crafty to-do list is no acceptation.

The latest review has added more items to the list, and seen a few more crossed off:
  • December Daily Album - 2014
  • December Daily Album - 2013
  • Colour Run Mini Album - 2014 (journal only)
  • 52 Week Album - 2012
  • Vanuatu Smash Album - 2012
  • USA Capture Album - 2013
  • USA Route 66 Mini Album - 2013
  • Hawaii Project Life Album - 2014
  • Hawaii Instagram Mini Album - 2014
  • Bondi Mini Album - 2015
  • Wedding Planning Smash Album - 2012
  • Engagement Party Album - 2011
  • Wedding Album - 2012
  • Hens Day Mini Album - 2012
  • Engagement Card folder - 2011
  • Wedding Card folder - 2012
  • December Daily 2015
  • New Zealand Passport Midori Travellers Notebook - 2016
  • New Zealand Scrap Album (12x12) - 2016
I am struggling a bit at the moment with a couple of these, as I feel like the longer I take to do them, the more the stories and the detail are being lost. Especially with the holiday albums..... And we are planning another holiday this year!

I will say that after our recent trip to New Zealand, keeping track of the days with the midori travellers notebook style worked a treat (if you missed this post it can be found here), but not all holidays will I have the time to sit and work on it daily, or play catch up after a couple of days. I need to think of how I can keep these records in a creative way, yet not feel like I forget the details. Bullet journaling may be an option.

Time to keep working away at the goals I think. I have both my Vanuatu smash album and my December Daily albums on my desk, and the Hawaii Instagram mini album is also at arms reach. I know it will feel good to get them all done, so time to push on and get it done!

Do you have many projects uncompleted? How are you tackling your to do list? I would love to hear.

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