New Zealand Holiday Journal - Midori Travellers Notebook Style

9:30 AM

After putting up the post (which can be found here) while I was on holidays about the mini kit that I took with me, I have been asked by a lot of people to share the end result. The mini kit consisted of the journal, ink pad, stamps, washi strips/rolls, scissors, pen, stamp blog, adhesive, instax film and my SP1 Share Printer.

I loved this project as it was a great way to document the daily activities and the trip, but also to feel like I have achieved a form of scrapbooking without having to add it to the never ending 'to-do' list on my return home.

I have been watching a lot of Amy Tangerines YouTube videos.... Who am I kidding, I think I have watched just about everything I could get my hands on... And I have realised that even the pros make mistakes and have to cover them up. They are just as normal as each of us, so I have been spending a bit of time stamping on cards and planners, so this book wasn't going to be any different. The only challenge with the stamping is that once it is in the book, I can't go and tear out the page if I didn't like it or it didn't work. I think I was so excited about this project that that last thought never even crossed my mind. It was purely a thought process that I would be able to simply cover it over with a piece of washi tape, or move items around to make the page work.

And work it did :-)

This note book is a passport size rather than the full Midori Travellers Notebook size, which worked, but I would like to try this same style project with the larger size to see if I liked it better.... Looks like I need to plan another holiday!

All of the photos have been simply printed from my iPhone or iPad onto the instax film through the SP-1 photo printer (which is super small and portable).

This project was also a great way to incorporate small bits of memorabilia, as you will see throughout the notebook.

Using available items on hand such as the luggage tag for the airline is a great item to incorporate into any travel album.

This album became all about good placement of stamping and washi tape, but worked so well.

Memorabilia items such as serviettes and tour group stickers are perfect elements for a travel book this size.

I have used a straw packet from Wendys to help identify where we were at when that photo was taken. The ticket to the Agrodome was the perfect addition rather than photos and helps identify the date and time of the event.

Using rub-ons were a great addition as they were flat and could be overlayed onto the photos as well as the paper.

Where there are no photos that help tell the story, use business cards such as the above, in a full or partial manner.

Entry tickets and passes are perfect memorabilia to include.

Drawing a page outline can help isolate different days in the journal.

I will give you the tip, instax photos are hard to photograph well for blog posts!!

Spelling mistakes, stamping mishaps and all, this journal/album tells the basic details. When I travel I tend to write pages full of detail and get halfway through the holiday and then don't have the time to keep up. This one was different. But the only thing different is essentially this is a dot point version of each day with a main event photo. This method worked well and I will be trying it again on my next holiday.

If you have any questions on this project or process, please leave them below and I will give you all of the tips and techniques that I can to help you achieve something similar for an event in your life. 

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