Mad about Pinterest

7:30 AM

Ok, ok, I know this is nothing new and I am not the only one with a little bit of an addiction here.

I have been spending a fair bit of time on Pinterest at the moment, and I have just looked at my current pin amount...... How did it get up to 4.1K???
I have boards for things such as DIY and food for things I would like to try, then when I try them, if I like them, I transfer them to another board such as DIY - made and loved. It seems to be the best way to keep track of the pins that worked and I will be going looking for again in the future.

As there are just so many things on there that I want to do, I though I would use this blog post as a way of narrowing down the pins that I actually want to play with, some with a bit of a Christmas theme.

This collection of items will be a little bit eclectic, but that is just an insight to me :-)

1. I am planning on making a Christmas wreath this year for the front door and there are just so many ideas out there. This is just one of the tutorials about this that I thought I might try.

2. I have Christmas material floating around in my stash at the moment and I would like to do something with it. This pin came up on my feed and I thought it was perfect to use the stash and a great touch for us hosting Christmas dinner.

3. I love cooking during December mainly for gifts, and it mostly incorporates chocolate. This recipe definitely looks like one to try this year and taste test on the extended family.
4. Mangos are starting to come into season now and this just looks super refreshing for our hot summer days.
5. I love this idea for the front of our house. We have been thinking about what we can do with this area, and these chairs were already on our mind. I love the yellow doors and the timber hello sign.
6. This quote really describes my want to travel. Years ago I never would have thought this was true, but now that I have travelled I know that it is absolute truth.
7. How great is this idea!
8. I love this Christmas decoration idea. Especially the use of non-traditional colours and all of the glitter.
9. Christmas table centre pieces were something I was looking at last year, and I am glad I pinned a few. Its going to save me a bit of time this year from looking for them all again. I love this idea, but not so sure it is completely appropriate for a Southern hemisphere Christmas.
10. One last pin for this post and it is another Christmas related pin. Such a fantastic idea for school friend gifts that are fairly cost effective and creative at the same time. Are these not the cutest?!
This list didn't turn our anything like I planned a little while ago, but there are some great creative things here. And in the lead up to Christmas I can only hope that this might help with your planning.

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