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2:33 PM

While I am sitting watching the encore replay of the bronze medal mens ice hockey match between the USA and Finland, I thought I would jump in an share a little bit of scrappy goodness.
I have spent two weeks in front of the tv watching all of the events and cheering on the athletes (especially the Australians) hence very little scrapping and being absent from here! There have been plenty of complaints that Australia hasn't performed as well as we should have, but with so many top 10 or 20 finishes I think we are doing massively well when you consider that we only get about 3 months of snow and in very isolated areas!
So, on to the scrappy goodness.... A quick share of a new February Words or Whatever release and a photo with some amazing inspiration in this industry.

Good Times
Using new release chipboard 'Good Times' title

We travelled to Tuggerah to do a mixed media class with Dina Wakley. This was also the first time I met the amazing Louise Nelson.
This is a great example of scrapping a photo for the memory. This photo is so blurry that I considered not scrapping it at all, but where does that memory go or how is it recorded? There is no reason to forget something because the photo isn't perfect!
The chipboard here has been coloured in with a shaprie marker then coated with a layer of dimensional magic.
Thanks for calling past and leave some love if you get a chance!

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