Honeymoon - San Francisco, California, USA - Day 1 **Updated**

7:30 AM

Here is where the wanderlust part of my blog comes into play. After our wedding in December 2012, we decided to postpone our honeymoon to May/June 2013 as we knew we wanted to head to the United States of America, but also wanted good weather when we went. Arriving in mid-May put us there right at the end of their Spring and start of their Summer.

I have started this post several times and not liked where it was going so I figure I will let the photos speak for themselves.

Hyde St Pier - The ferry pier that was decommissioned once the Golden Gate Bridge was opened.

Our usual lunch at our favourite place - Boudin Sourdough Bakery... Chili Beef Soup in a Sourdough Roll bowl yum.

Pier 39 Farmers Market - I have never seen strawberries so big in my life. And to top it off, they sell the chocolate dipping sauce too :-)
Fishermans Wharf in all of the tourist hustle and bustle. A hive of activity as always.
The ever so gorgeous San Francisco City Hall. This is one stunning building.
A cross section cut of the main Golden Gate Bridge cable. Made up of all the little cables and sealed into one.

And how can go on a city bus tour and not post a pic of one of the most amazing bridges in the world... The Golden Gate Bridge herself.
UPDATE: I have found a few more photos from day one!!
An 18 serve 'Slice & Share' Snickers Bar. It weighed a ton and was the size of my forearm but a great 'Only in America' find!

Dinner at Johnny Rockets diner. A great experience and the best chocolate milkshakes ever!!
There are plenty more photos to share so will be back with more soon.

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  1. Nice pics! Now I want strawberries in chocolate & a trip to SF! :)

  2. I haven't been out to California for about 15 years and I miss it so; especially San Fran! I went in December and it was actually warm to me (mid 60's)-so glad you guys had fun and yeah, those strawberries look divine! We def don't get those here on the east coast :)


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