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10:30 AM

I would guess that if you are here, you are playing a long with the If It's Groovy birthday blog hop. I am one of the True XOXO girls who has played along and what a ball we are having.

I have the month of July. I know 95% of you are from the Northern Hemisphere, but down under in Australia July is all about snow trips for us. As we live on the east coast it is a 5 hour drive to get to the snow fields, so we usually go for 5 days once a year. We have a massive amount of fun when we get there, but the drive home is long and boring!!

Snow Fun

Here are the list of blog links that you will need to navigate through the blog hop.

Representing January we have
Wendy - http://disneydarling07.blogspot.com/
Christa - http://dowhatyoulove-maxadriane.blogspot.com/2013/01/true-xoxo-blog-hop-january.html

Representing February we have
Michelle - http://scrapbookingsos.blogspot.com/
Michelle H - http://myanaloglife.blogspot.com/2013/01/true-xoxo-and-if-its-groovy-blog-hop.html

Representing March we have
Wendy - http://disneydarling07.blogspot.com/
Miae - http://makingscrapup.blogspot.com/2013/01/true-xoxo-and-if-its-groovy-blog-hop.html

Representing April we have
Heather - http://www.scrappingtheguys.blogspot.com/
Jaclyn - http://aptitude4paper.blogspot.com/

Representing May we have
Lindsey - http://lindseysscraps.blogspot.com/2013/01/creative-weekend-birthday-blog-hop.html
Deborah - http://ifitsgroovy.blogspot.com

Representing June we have
Brenda - http://granddivasscrappyplace.blogspot.com/
Khristen - http://khristenscraftroom.blogspot.com/2013/01/xoxo-if-its-groovy-birthday-blog-hop.html

Representing July we have
Jean - http://pagesintime.blogspot.com/
Tess - http://tessatmybest.blogspot.com/  (YOU ARE HERE)

Representing August we have

Rochelle - http://www.rochellespears.blogspot.com/
Faye - http://alittledashof.blogspot.com/2013/01/iig-wicked-awesome.html

Representing September we have
Kelly - http://creatingwithpaperandmore.blogspot.com/
Tiffany - http://bkfastattiffanys.blogspot.com/2013/01/true-xoxo-blog-hop.html

Representing October we have
Kelly - http://creatingwithpaperandmore.blogspot.com/
Alaina - http://gluedotsandglitter.blogspot.com/2013/01/if-its-groovy-calendar-blog-hop.html
Representing November we have
Heather - http://www.scrappingtheguys.blogspot.com/
Kimmy - http://lostinadreamofjosh.blogspot.com/

Representing December we have
Deborah - http://ifitsgroovy.blogspot.com
Queen Kat - http://kateblue.blogspot.com/2013/01/its-groovy-blog-hop-celebration.html

Leave me some love to let you know you have stopped by and your blog address so that I can come and visit too!! I may just dig up a little something to give away too.... Happy blog hopping.

TFL xx

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  1. how funny to see snow pages for July! love the pic of you with your goggles on, will have to remember to snap a similar shot! Fun to be hopping along with you!! =)Tiffany
    Breakfast at Tiffany's

  2. Looks like you got spammed... Anyway, I so LOVE those Pixielicious papers on a snowy LO! It looks wonderful with the colors from your sunglasses.

  3. Wow...I never knew July would have snow in it. That is crazy...Well to me since in July here it is HOT. Thank you for sharing that because I love to learn things about other places. I love your page. Snowy yet colorful and beautiful. Love the torn edges too. You can visit my blog if you like but I havent done much there lately. Time just passes me by sometimes. I do hope to do more in the very near future though. HUGS.

  4. Oh how fun that you get to play in the snow in July!! I love the layout - the torn sections are fabulous! So fun to hop along with you! :)
    Creating with Paper & More

  5. Snow in July!! That's it, I'm coming to you for my birthday! I love snow. =)

    Hey - I'm making sure I'm following all the xoxo girls' blogs today. I love your networkedblogs button, I must work on that.

    anyhoo... you know I love your work and I'm so happy you're a part of our team!


  6. I said before and I'll say it again...love that you made a snow page! Of course, that's just because it's not normal for us here to have snow in the northern hemisphere in July (although here in New Hampshire, we have had snow at the end of June, so I guess it shouldn't amaze me LOL!) Great page, love the palette you chose.


  7. What a great photo! Love the close up! Your page is done so great! The reminds me of the snow we are having now! http://ScrapbookingSOS.blogspot.ca

  8. Wow, I didn't even know you had snow fields in Australia. Hope you aren't too close to the firestorms down there.

    Your layout and photo really reflects the "fun" aspect of your skiing trip. Nicely done! Love the photo too.

  9. Learn something new every day . . . snow in July!!! What a great page and thanks for joining us on the hop!

  10. Hi Tess! Gotta love the fact that we're talking about snow in July! Very fun page...love that cluster of flowers and snowflakes!

  11. What a delightful layout Tess! I love your picture with the snow goggles... it says so much. The single snowflake embellishment is perfect!

  12. Love seeing how you enjoy your snow fields "down under". Your design is wonderful!

  13. It is such a trip to see July with snow to those of us over here are usually cooking at that time of year! That was really cool to show us your side of the world :) Thanks for participating in the hop and great lo!!! Deb♥

  14. snow? July? NO!!! But I love the layout -the split paper is awesome and of course the picture is WAYYY cool!


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