Scrapping for ME!!

2:06 PM

Is it just me or do other scrappers have down times where you need to remind yourself why you still do this hobby that we all love so much?

I have been going through a very stressful time at the moment, with work and wedding plans and Austie starting a new job and as I am a total stresshead it is all starting to get the better of me. My best form of relaxation is to put on some music and just scrap whatever I can get my hands on.

I have had such an amazing run with Design Team applications and submissions to magazines that now it has all hit a low too. I knew the run would come to an end and I have found it hard to deal with. I have found myself scrapping to please others. To have them all say wow I love what you have done. To be accepted just once more!!

It has finally hit me that I need to lay off myself and remember that we do this for us. For our friends. For our family. For my own relaxation. To play with new techniques and be happy with what I acheieve. To take the chance to switch off from all of the other stress in my world.

This is supposed to be fun. I know we all go through this and some more than others. Now seems to be my time to be reminded. Thats why I am posting this. As a reminder that I can come back to. I have loved what I do for so long now so why let someone elses opinion get to me. Its my opinion that counts.... right?!

And just because this is a scrappy related post, I feel the need to share one of  my favourites with you all. I think this one relates well...

These are the things that make me happy!!!

TFL xx

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  1. Totally agree honey! I just take anything extra as a bonus now...scrap for yourself and if the other stuff comes as well, then awesome...but if not, who cares!!! Scrap for the love of it, and your work will be better for it anyways. I love your work, thats all that matters anyway... ;p

  2. can i just say....who gives a shit what anyone thinks except you about your stuff!...this is what i mean about competition, submission, masters blah blah, and how is gives downers. I like hanging with you and watching you create..even if i dont do much! .so keep doing it OK!!! xxx


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