Getting Attached...

6:46 PM

It amazes me how easily we can become attached to material items in our lives.

I am by no means a car enthusiast or lover. I am one that owns a car to get me to where I have to go and back again, and the novelty of an form of new car wears off after a while. I guess I am someone who takes for granted that I have a nice car.

Well I have again said good bye to another car. My Silver Bullet has been sold. I knew the day would come, but even though I was no longer driving it, and had another car, I still makes me sad. I can't believe how attached I become to a piece of metal.

Part of me didn't want to watch it drive away, but I with a smile on my face that it was going to a young guy that was as proud as punch to be owning his first car. He could see how attached I was and promised to look after it. I cant help but think of all the memories that come with that car. My first car I bought myself and paid off, it was a piece of freedom from my single days where I was never home, it was the car I was driving when I met my gorgeous man, it saw happy times and sad times. It was a piece of me!!!

So, as I am doing a 52 week album this year, Week 4 was

"Saying Good Bye"

I know I am not the only one who gets so attached to material items, but I guess we need to remember that once those items are gone the memories still live on!!!!

TFL xx

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  1. Hi Tess, haven't been by for a while...looove yr 52 week album idea & you've got some great pages going - especially the wedding really well side on with the 2 photos...glad you've got good news, must come back & see WHAT it is:) Happy scrapping:):)


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