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I have been making more of an effort over the last month or two to focus on my journaling on each page. While I am no where near the stage where I could do a page with just journaling, it has been great to push myself a little more in an area I have not been comfortable.

I have realised as I have continued to push myself, that there are so many stories that really need to be told with each page. I look back at some of the pages I have done and really wish I had told the story... Especially with holiday photos... The colours, the smells, the people, the temperatures. I guess there is nothing stopping me from scrapping the same photo twice (just in case I run out of photos to play with)!!!!

This one is another photo from last years holiday. Short of mentioning the holiday in the journaling, I have made a point that it will not go in the holiday album. It is such a wonderful photo of my man that I couldn't resist scrapping it.

Once I found the frog to fussy cut, the title sprung to mind straight away (although I don't think he liked being referred to as a frog!!).

The journaling reads You look so happy in this photo. I think you were finally starting to relax on our holiday together. You are such a strong person, both in your drive to achieve anything you set your mind to and in your morals. You are amazing and together we make a wonderful team. We help each other with things that need to be done, but are not scared to give new dreams a go. I love you and am so lucky to have you! xxx

There is still room for journaling improvement, but I am one step closer to telling all of the stories that need to be told.

I am also no longer scared to see my handwriting on a page too. Most days I still don't like it, but its what makes the page mine, and is the voice of me telling my stories...

TFL xxx

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  1. Awwwwww!! So sweet! Love it. Think I cut up that frog...dammit! I want to copy you now... ;)


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