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9:13 AM

I wanted to take a minute to show a card I made for a wonderful friend of mine.

Laura and I went to high school together. We were never really close friends, but would always find time, even after we finished school, that if we ran into each other we would have a bit of a chat and catch up, rather than just a brief hello.

The more people I speak to about their year at high school, the more I realise just how close our year was. We were all friends, we mixed and mingled and most of us still keep in touch now. I must admit that things like Facebook have made this easier, and even reunited friendships like mine and Lauras.

The last time I saw Laura prior to Facebook, there were no children and she wasn't married. Once we started catching up, Laura is married with 4 beautiful children and had many ups and downs in her life. I was lucky enough to help Laura with our 10 year reunion, and the friendship still remains today.

When I put the question out on Facebook, a couple of weeks ago, about where to get my hands on some old music paper and old books for my scrapping, Laura jumped to and offered to send me some of her old piano music.

I was even more than thrilled to see the package that arrived in the mail. The note that Laura enclosed made me think... There was mention of being able to give the old music a new life, and I wanted to do that proud. So what better way to say thank you to Laura (and pay her for at least the postage) than to make a card with the music.

I was so happy with the result and hoped that it made the old music sing!!!!

So thank you Laura for not only the old music, but your beautiful friendship and your encouragement to do what I love. You are such an amazing person!!!

TFL xxx

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  1. Awwww goosebumps! Gotta love friends like that. Beautiful card, hon. xx

  2. Goose bumps alright!! And a little teary too :') I have it next to my uni stuff so that I can look at it every day now....its staying with me forever :)


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