He's Savvy

7:16 PM

Well, I have been playing with the August He's Savvy Kit, from Scrapbook Savvy, and just loving it. When I first opened it, I was a little unsure about it and what inspiration would come my way. Once I started playing I haven't stopped.

My take on Sar's Savvy Kit Challenge for this month. I just love the way this worked.

One for the holiday album.

A bit of humour for the holiday album.

I love these next two!!! It was exciting to see how they came together...

And after all of that, I only have enough left for one more page (with an added piece of cardstock)... Well worth the $45, don't you think??

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  1. TOTALLY worth it! You've rocked that kit! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night. xoxo

  2. love that last one- a man and his best friend. fabulous.


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