To-Do List Update - Spring 2016

6:50 PM

I seem to keep finding myself in a position where I have something else going on that is eating away at my crafty time.... And the only time I want to craft is to procrastinate from the other things I have going on. Please tell me it isn't just me that is stuck in the cycle?

I have been studying this year and I am getting down to the pointy end of it all. I should be completed just in time for Documenting December to start, and I am sure there will be something else that pops up that eats away at that time again (like work budgets).

Anyway, the last to-do list update I did was back in Summer so it has been a while. I am committed to getting these projects completed so feel the need to keep coming back to this list to try and keep myself on track.

My last post (here) was before we went on our month long holiday this year, where I started a notebook, but just couldn't keep up (and didn't feel up to keeping up with morning sickness all day).

Prior to leaving I worked hard on trying to get the Hawaii Project Life Album from 2014 finished, and got a lot into pockets with relevant cards, but there is still just about all of the journaling left to complete and embellishing.

I have also spent a little bit of time working my way through my 2015 Documenting December (December Daily) album. I want this one finished already! It will be done shortly and I am using small study breaks to get this one off the list.

The latest review has added more items to the list, and seen a few more crossed off:
  • Vanuatu Smash Album - 2012
  • USA Capture Album - 2013
  • USA Route 66 Mini Album - 2013
  • Hawaii Project Life Album - 2014
  • Hawaii Instagram Mini Album - 2014
  • Wedding Planning Smash Album - 2012
  • Engagement Party Album - 2011
  • Wedding Album - 2012
  • December Daily 2015
  • New Zealand Scrap Album (12x12) - 2016
  • Hawaii Midori Travellers Notebook - 2016
Completed in the last 18 months:
  • December Daily Album - 2014
  • December Daily Album - 2013
  • Colour Run Mini Album - 2014 (journal only)
  • 52 Week Album - 2012
  • Bondi Mini Album - 2015
  • Hens Day Mini Album - 2012
  • Engagement Card folder - 2011
  • Wedding Card folder - 2012
  • New Zealand Passport Midori Travellers Notebook - 2016

I am very seriously thinking that once this baby is born about converting to Project Life. I just don't think that I will have enough room to document with 12x12 like I have been. I can handle 2 albums a year with a few 12x12s in the mix, and the event albums that occur such as Documenting December, but I only have so much room in my house to fill.

Who knows how it will end up! Only time will tell!

Time to crack into the study so that I can get some of these sorted out before the end of another year.

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