Travel Kit - Overseas with Limited Space

7:50 AM

We are heading off on a family holiday today (I was coming to you live from an Emirates A380 in the air, but the free wifi lasted all of 30 seconds), and this time, as it will be a little more relaxing than my usual holidays, I am planning on scrapping the adventure as I go. For this to work, I have pieced together a little travel kit that I will be using for the trip.

I have had to keep in mind that I don't have a lot of space to take an excess of things that I am not going to use, but I have kept this kit simple and think it will do the trick nicely. I think it may actually make things easier to have a limited supply to work with, so that it cant be over thought!

A smaller passport version of the Midori Travellers Notebooks and my SP1 instax printer will be my best friends to record this trip in a really fun way. I want it to tell the story of the holiday, but not be ridiculously in depth. Call it a style of travel journal as such.

I have completed the title page already prior to leaving home and prepped the page for day 1.

I have been playing with stamping a lot at the moment and watercolour (thanks to watching Amy Tangerines youtube videos). I'm not overly happy with what I have done but I can live with it for now. This is about the memories not how pretty the title page looks. Worst case I can always cover it with a sheet of pretty paper and start again!!

I will upload a photo of this page when I can get a clear photo.

Wish me luck that I can keep up with this one.

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