'Enjoy Life'

7:00 AM

I really need to learn to manage my time a bit better at the moment. Work is busy, home life is busy, and we are looking to buy our first house so a little bit stressful at the same time,and any of you that know me well, know that when I start on a tangent, its all or nothing!
I have been finding a few other things to do in my limited spare time at the moment, but I will show these a little bit later. I will say though that they are keeping my creative spirit alive!
Sometimes I stop for two seconds and remember our recent trip to Hawaii. It feels like years ago that we took that holiday. I don't want to forget how relaxing it was, how everything was done on our time and we quickly grew a sense of 'island time'. The fact that I felt good, and not stressed like I am when I get caught up in my everyday life!
Its these reasons that I take photos. They are our memories and can take me back there at any time. This is also the reason why I scrap.
This page was scrapped at the Scrapbooking Delights retreat this year. It was actually the first page of the retreat for me and I still love it.
'Enjoy Life'

Like just about every layout I pull together these days, you will find a few key elements. Washi tape, doilies, flair (from {A Flair for Buttons} and a bit of Words or Whatever. This piece is light wood veneer and has been left raw.

I really hope to be back here a little bit more often between now and Christmas sharing some of my other crafty endeavours. I would love it if I can inspire you all with a few more things to do with your time!

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