So here goes nothing....

7:43 PM

Well everyone seems to be doing it these days. Yes, I am talking about blogging. I have long been the reader of Sar's blog and find myself checking it at least once a day to see what wonderful new creations have been put up for us all to check out.
The more blogs I read, the more links I find. The more links I find, the more blogs I have listed in my favourites!!!
The thought occured to me tonight, that if everyone one else is doing it, then why dont I give it a go. What have I got to loose?? I wouldn't say at this point in time that my life is very inspiring, or even worthy of a blog, but the same old to me may not be to the next person. And if this experience is something to someone else like mine has been to me, then you just never know who you can touch out there and how!!
By reading Sar's blog over the past couple of years, my drive to scrapbook has past anything where I ever thought it may go as a hobby. I have papers, rub-on and of course alphas coming out my ears (thanks to Scrapbook Savvy)and Sar has me pushing my boundarys with the monthly challanges. It is hard to believe that I started out with a large plastic tub and 2 magazines all those years ago, to now have half the dinning table and a corner for my stash... I can only hope to have a room to call my own one day!!!
Anyway, I have acheived the first blog post!! Yippee

With all hope not to make my blog a once off thing...
Tess xxx

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  1. Yahoooooooo, Tess has a blog!!! So glad I've inspired you....and will be adding you to my blog feeds. Mwah! Luv Sar

  2. good way for me to keep up with you!


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