'A Catch Up in the Big Apple'

7:30 PM

It is a pretty surreal feeling when you get the chance to catch up with a family member (who lives in the same country & state as you) in another country on the other side of the world. You talk in the same accent, you chat like you saw each other yesterday, yet the surroundings are all so different.
We were lucky enough to have this experience with my gorgeous SIL in New York City. Us on holidays and her for work. We knew that we would have the chance to catch up just once so first met at Dylan's Candy Bar (anyone who has seen the movie Arthur with Russell Brand will know the store. The scene where he is dresses as a giant gummy bear!). Then we proceeded to wander to a bar, grab a beer and have a chat while watching out the window at the traffic and people of NYC pass us by.
Dinner was a few more blocks down the road at a Mexican restaurant that we feel in love with last time we where there. Then on to another pub for a few quiet drinks and a long chat. Along with this catch up was a couple of pics to document the moment (one we were very happy and privileged to share, and may never again). Can I just say how much I love this photo!

'A catch up in the big apple'

As this was a great night and experience I really wanted to make sure that it was documented sooner rather than later so that the photo wasn't lost in the rest of the holiday photo mass.
I have used {A Flair for Buttons} flair button. I am still very much in love with these and use them on absolutely everything!

And there is always a piece of Words or Whatever on all of my projects. Some may be smaller than others, but it is always there.... They are a go to in my stash. This one is a light wood veneer paperclip (WV022) coloured with a black sharpie marker to make it match the layout.

I would love to hear if you have had an experience like this? Have you had the chance to run into a family member for a catch up in an unexpected place?

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  1. I wish I had known you were here! I totally would have met up with you, too. :)


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