Heading for the Weekend....

1:26 PM

And a long weekend at that!! So the next question, is who plans to scrap?

The weather forecast is for rain on Sunday and Monday, so I think I will be heading off to print some photos and scrap away in front of the heater. It has been rather chilly here lately and I don't think that will improve anytime soon, but a bit of time in the sun would be nice!

I can't help but want to take the cruisers out this weekend for a run as I miss riding mine. Here is a page from the last time we rode them from my 52 week album

Our Great Adventure

And this one too
Ride around the Lake 2012

We have plenty of business stuff to do and there is always a long list of wedding plans to be completed. These will have to fit in there somewhere too, so it looks like it will be a busy long weekend here.

TFL xx

UPDATE: I wrote this post on Thursday and blogger has only just let me upload the pics!! I am sitting on the lougne nibbling on cheeses, dips and biscuits sipping a glass of beauiful cold white wine!!! Loving the long weekend so far!!

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